What makes Gouin Construction’s team stand out from the rest? Compassion. All our highly skilled team members are passionate about each project and client. 

Meet Our Team

Joe Gouin: Owner

Joe Gouin is the founding owner of Gouin Construction and Development INC. Built from the ground up, Joe strived to make this family owned business grow into what it is today. Joe started as a one man band working on spec houses and other renovating projects. When the market crashed in 2008 he saw this as an opportunity to make his small team into a big operation. Joe strives in the commercial business and has built offices across the California coast. Specializing in dental construction he strives in all aspects of building. In his down time, Joe likes spending time with his family and friends. He enjoys getting out on the lake with wakeboarding and surfing to pass time when not working.

Jake Malone: Project Manager

Jake is a natural problem solver. Jake has been working in construction since the age of 15. As a teenager, Jake quit the entrepreneur, directing his own tractor work and labor jobs. Jake now works as a project manager that conducts and runs these jobs smoothly. Jake also spends time in the office running projects and directing subcontractors. Jake is a nephew of the owner in hopes of keeping the family owned business alive.

Laci Cruz: Office Manager

Laci is there to make sure everything runs smoothly in the office. She is in charge of putting together countless bids and communicating with clients. Laci is the niece of the owner and has gained knowledge in construction from years of working with him. On her days off she loves to spend time with her four year old son and new husband. Laci is working on becoming a General Contractor in hopes to start her own company.

Cloey Gouin: Assistant Office Manager

Cloey is the owner's daughter who helps the operation in the office. Cloey is a 17 year old who is driven and wants to follow in her father's footsteps. Cloey hopes to one day get a degree in construction management and help her father run the company with her brother.

Parker Gouin: Office assistant

Parker is the owner's son looking for knowledge in construction. Parker helps the project manager with dailys duties in the office and on jobs. Parker will continue working in construction, following his father's footsteps. Parker hopes to one day become a project manager and own the company with his sister.

Mike Martin: Journeyman Framer

Mike has very tough skin and is always on the move. Mike has been the go to man for every project. Mike is a very handy framer and can do about any task. With 50 years of experience Mike has complex knowledge in complex builds. Before work every morning you can see Mike enjoying breakfast at Touch of Paso with the locals.

Chris Cordero: Framer

Chris is the companies all around handyman. Chris is very hardworking and never disappoints. Chris is very honest and can be trusted with any scope of work. He is an excellent laborer and is a true team player. In Chris’s free time he enjoys deep sea fishing and competing in tournaments.

Saulo Gomez: Superintendent

Saulo is the newest member of Gouin Construction. Saulo is very personal and comfortable in any environment. Saulo is excited to join the team and get to know what it takes to run a business at this scale. In Saulos free time he likes to hit the trails and explore outside.